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Post Your Final Web Portfolio Sites HERE by May 11th

Posted by kscott on May 3, 2007

And in the meantime, call me or email me if you need me. For HTML coding, go to: http://w3schools.com/

4 Responses to “Post Your Final Web Portfolio Sites HERE by May 11th”

  1.   JGMarceau Says:

    Well…I think it’s done. I even linked my ridiculously pathetic resume on my Bio page. Please have a look and let me know if there is anything I can do to either ‘spruce it up’ or fix it. I’m pretty happy with it, I think. I talked to the ‘GoDaddy’ people and they said there was no way to change colors and fonts in the Flash Intro page. Whatever, no big deal…I changed the background colors and made a ton of hyperlinks on the Links page. I hope they are all working and that everything on your end looks like everything on MY end. LOL Thanks. I enjoyed having the class with all of you. Feel free to leave my a message from the contact page. If you would like, I could create links to all of your sites/blogs on my site as well. Up to y’all. Have a good summer and don’t be afraid to write, fiction or otherwise! Joe

  2.   JGMarceau Says:

    crap. here. http://www.transcendwords.net I forgot to put that in there. D’oh! L8R, JM

  3.   JGMarceau Says:

    Kristin, could you let me know after you check it out and make your observations? I want to disable the Resume link and the link to “Finding the Dead.” The resume has my phone # and adress, not something I want out at the moment, and the story is the one up for review by “Other Voices.” Probably not a good idea to publish it before they do. Thanks.

  4.   david Says:


    i’ve done quite a bit of updating. i plan on taking the blog to the next level as well–i’ve got some interviews and essays that i’m planning on printing. i haven’t hyperlinked my resume yet… and i plan on creating a page specifically for my magazine… but i have no free time. let me know what you all think. it would be much appreciated.


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