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Plan for last three weeks

Posted by kscott on April 18, 2007

Ok, folks — here’s the plan for the next two weeks:

Tomorrow, April 19th, MEET IN THE CLASSROOM at 8:30 a.m., at which point I’ll take you to the computer lab (probably 1302 — I asked to have our class there) to continue working on your web portfolio.

Then after a break, we’ll come to the Portfolio Center, where writing and editing professionals Keidra Chaney and Marina Lewis will give you feedback on the writing that you sent in. See the Portfolio Center blog for more details.

On April 26th, we’ll continue working in a computer lab (hopefully 1302 again) and finish up your web portfolios. By May 3rd, all the following should be complete:

  • Your final portfolio should be completed and contain at least five samples of writing (whether published and/or unpublished) – all of which have been edited and polished based on the variety of feedback you’ve received over the last semester
  • You should have excerpts written for each of your portfolio writing pieces (where and whether they are used in your portfolio is beside the point — you should have them handy, if needed)
  • An edited and finalized resume, artists statement (and/or combination of statement and bio)
  • Business cards (which most of you already have); it’s not required that they be printed by end of semester, but do try to get them printed as soon as you can

Your final grades will be mostly based on the final product (the web portfolio), but I will also take into consideration your participation on the blog (and your collaboration with your colleagues), interviews conducted, resources shared, etc.

And then, on May 3rd, Adam Berry (who will have already received your links) will give you final feedback on your web portfolios and be thats-all.jpgavailable for any other technical questions you may have.

And then . . . that’s all folks!

7 Responses to “Plan for last three weeks”

  1.   JGMarceau Says:

    Well, the Portfolio review we had last week was mixed for me. One of the women said that my story (she only read one of the two) “had too much dialogue,” and the intro to the piece was “slow and didn’t grab attention,” so much so that she “had to fight her way through it.” In my opinion, the woman was an idiot and was extremely biased, self-important and exactly what I DIDn’T need. At one point she asked, “So, um, is fiction writing something you plan to do for a career?” Fuck you.

    The other woman was so impressed she wanted me to make a few small revisions and get it to her as soon as possible so that she could try to get it in the next edition of her literary magazine. Hmm, yes, I want to make writing fiction my career, thank you very much.

    I guess everyone wants something different. Find the editor and magazine that fits what you want to write.

  2.   David Says:

    The woman from Other Voices (who you had success with, Joe) was kind and thoughtful towards me. The other woman was also kind and thoughtful. Neither of them were swept away by my satirizing of a famous 19th century russian author… both of them thought my other story was readable but problematic. The worst part is–they were right. Blah. Congrats, Joe.

  3.   David Says:

    Also, my website is up and running:


    please visit and send me a message if you like it.

  4.   Chicagoric Says:

    Both of them were okay, I had a better time with the Other Voices rep as well. And here’s my site in progress http://www.ceed.us/clients/0703_ric/ric.htm give it a look. Links will be active this next week.


  5.   JGMarceau Says:

    Gratz on the sites, you two. Lookin’ good! (Jealous rage.) I got a new desktop and it has Windows Vista which I’m still trying to figure out. Having newb issues with it. Looks pretty but does it work?

    No word from OV about whether or not they received my story(ies) or accepted it. I couldn’t get an email address for Marina, website has generic address for all editors, so I couldn’t contact her directly. I guess I wait it out like every other submitter.

    My site is dragging ass atm (at the moment). I still need to fill in teasers and figure out how to get mail sent to my new gmail acct. I’m going to forget all of these passwords and log-in prompts, I just know it! Aaargh!

    I’m still working on my site and hope to have it ‘functional’ in the next day or two. So much to learn and fool around with. I wish I could have someone do it for me…Ric…lol

  6.   JGMarceau Says:

    Ric…I love the photo of Marcus, nice!

    David…is there a way to contact you on your site? Something on the Home Page? Looks sharp though.

  7.   JGMarceau Says:


    I updated some of the crap on my site and would appreciate some feedback. I just got off the phone with my girlfriend and what she was seeing on the site was different from what I was seeing. It turns out that I wasn’t ‘publishing’ the changes…I’m an idiot.

    I STILL need to fill in the ‘teasers’ for my writing samples, but at least the links on my Bio page and the colors for the backgound and text are coming along. There are no links on my Links page but my Blog is running. This shit is crazy. I can’t believe how easy it is for some people.

    Kristin, can you help me turn my Statement into a .pdf? The file size is too large for my uploads and the ‘cute’ mailbox we put on the Contact Me page is also too large or some such load of crap.

    My Flash Intro has music now: I really wanted to slap Slayer’s “Payback” or Grip’s “Rusty Nail” in there, but it didn’t fit me trying to sell myself as a fiction writing professional so I went w/ a GoDaddy default cheesy one (Smooth Someshit). Your feedback is appreciated. I’ll share anything I know (not much) if you have questions about how I did something.

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