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SEND TWO WRITING SAMPLES & Post your websites here

Posted by kscott on April 12, 2007

Hey folks, make sure you send in two pieces of writing to Matthew Green by tomorrow (Friday, 13th) that you’d like to get some feedback on at next week’s  “Writers’ Portfolio Review” event:  

April 19th @ 11am

Critiquing the Written Portfolio

for: Writers (of all kinds)

Writing professionals from a variety of disciplines will visit Columbia to look over writing samples and portfolio-in-progress.  Guests will advise students on organizing and formatting text-oriented portfolios.

* Also, please post your website addresses here, so I can view progress. Between now and next week, just continue working on your websites.


7 Responses to “SEND TWO WRITING SAMPLES & Post your websites here”

  1.   cristina Says:


  2.   cristina Says:

    by the way, if we’re doing time in a computer lab again… i would like to suggest the 13th floor in the 624 s michigan building. it is much more pleasant, user friendly, and generally empty.

  3.   Teddie Goldenberg Says:

    I concur with Cristina. The Writing Lab computers are not standardized; what works on one doesn’t work on another, and it’s extremely frustrating.

  4.   Teddie Goldenberg Says:

    oops, my site:
    CarlGoldenberg.com – I haven’t implemented the database structure just yet – there’s a lot of PHP coding to be done, so I just have a basic site up there for now, with my resume.

  5.   Michael Kane Says:


  6.   david Says:

    i’m almost done with my website. i just haven’t decided whether or not to have writing that is downloadable or to post it right on the site. what do you guys think is more effective? people would probably just want to see it on the site, right?
    let me know…

  7.   JGMarceau Says:

    http://www.transcendwords.net and http://www.transcendwords.blogspot.com (which will link from above)

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