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For March 29th:

Posted by kscott on March 16, 2007

Both events will be held at the Portfolio Center (623 S Wabash, Suite 307) / Students: first — meet me in class at 9:00 a.m.

We’ve got someone from the alumni association coming over to talk briefly with you. We’ll go over some things, then go over to the PC together.

March 29th @ 11am

Blogging and the Writer’s Portfolio

for: Writers (of all kinds)

Local writer / bloggers of all kinds will visit for a discussion about the advantages of using a blog as part of a writer’s portfolio, including tips and best practices for getting a blog rolling.

Guests include Draft|FCB Copywriter (and alum) David Littlejohn, author of Advertising for Peanuts, Journalism Faculty member and author of CurrentBuzz Barbara Iverson, and novelist and freelance writer Ben Tanzer, author of This Blog Will Change Your Life.

This discussion is open to all students and alumni of Columbia College Chicago.
April 5th @ 11am

Pitch & Query: Writing for Hire

for: Writers (looking to get published)

Set your own hours. Get paid to work from home. Write to your hearts content. Sounds good, right? But to be a successful paid freelance writer or novelist, you need to know how to sell your ideas through clear writing – not gimmicks. Join agent Joanna MacKenzie and acquisitions editor Jacque Day discuss the do’s and dont’s of pitch and query letters.

This discussion is open to all students and alumni of Columbia College Chicago.

8 Responses to “For March 29th:”

  1.   JGMarceau Says:

    Was it Cristina that was interested in Latino publishing possibilities? I know I mention Marcela Landres, but here is the skinny:

    [email protected]

    Marcela Landres
    Editorial Consultant

    Check out the site soon. There is dated material, all of which is constantly updated, and there is info on “Publishing for Latinos,” a lecture in Florida coming up soon.

    Good luck to you. I get this stuff in my in-box all the time but can’t pass for Latino no matter how many times I perfect asking for a ‘cerveza’ at a bar.

  2.   Michael Kane Says:

    Hey, I don’t know if anyone else is on their mailing list, but I just got this from Crazyhorse:

    Dear Crazyhorse reader,

    We wanted to make sure and let you know about an exciting opportunity
    for writers that Crazyhorse is undertaking with Tupelo Press. In June of
    2007, we will inaugurate the First Annual Crazyhorse/Tupelo Press
    Publishing Institute, an institute founded to meet the needs of writers
    by providing training in the theory and practice of literary publishing
    and editing in order to prepare them for successful careers as
    publishers and editors.

    The institute offers you the chance to earn six hours of graduate
    credit while working closely with Crazyhorse Editors Carol Ann Davis
    and Garrett Doherty and Tupelo Press Publisher and Editor-in-Chief
    Jeffrey Levine. The institute will combine an intensive, four-week
    course that chronicles the choosing of the winner in the annual Tupelo
    Press First Book Prize (now judged collaboratively by Crazyhorse
    editors and Tupelo Press editors) with opportunities to intern at

    The institute will run from June 4 – June 30. We hope you’ll visit the
    website at http://crazyhorse.cofc.edu/pubinstitute and/or email Carol
    Ann Davis at [email protected] for more information.

    Carol Ann Davis, Editor
    Garrett Doherty, Editor
    Anthony Varallo,
    Fiction Editor
    Department of English
    College of Charleston
    66 George Street
    Charleston SC 29424
    Phone/Fax: 843-953-7740
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Website: http://crazyhorse.cofc.edu

  3.   Ric Says:

    Okay, portfolio center tomorrow. I’ve met with the people who are going to develope my web-site. http://www.sprouthosting.com Damn it, I forgot how to create a hyper-link. Anyway, they’ll set it up and optimize it and that leads me to the other question. Didn’t I hear something about access to a photographer? I need a head shot for the site. Or me with a pony or kissing a baby or something. The point being that I think that people want to see what an author looks like. What do you all think about that? Got a copy of my updated resume and the pages I want to use. And now I’ve got to get off of here because the damn phone will not stop ringing and I’ve got to deal with the business stuff for a while. See you all tomorrow.


  4.   Ric Says:

    Oh, yeah. It inserts the link for me once the page is sent. Duh.

  5.   cristina Says:

    thanks, joe! i will look into it as soon as i end this sentence.

  6.   Ric Says:

    Richard G. Hess
    3258 N. Sheffield Avenue, Chicago, Illinois 60657
    (773)914-4989 * (773)248-9182 FAX
    [email protected]

    Bachelor of Fine Arts, Columbia College, Chicago (anticipated, Fall 2007)

    Educational Highlights:
    • Dean’s List
    • Writer’s Bootcamp, 2003-2004
    A Los Angeles based, intensive screenwriters program
    • Semester in L.A., Columbia College, Chicago, Fall 2006
    Columbia College’s immersion semester, concentrating on negotiating and succeeding in the Hollywood entertainment industry

    Professional and Technical Writing
    • Author, Monthly Newsletters:
    Sheffields Beer & Wine Garden Inc., Chicago Illinois
    The Silver Cloud Bar & Grill, Chicago Illinois

    Other Related Writing Projects:
    • Designer, Restaurant Menu, The Silver Cloud Bar & Grill
    Conceived and implemented the menu for this 13 year old Chicago institution
    • Author, Designer, Sheffield’s Beer Almanac.
    A comprehensive compendium of all things quaffable

    Storyweek Reader, 2006, Silent Movie
    The First Line Fiction Contest, Spring 2007, Daylight Moon
    Finalist, The First Line, Spring 2006, My Mother’s Illusions
    Make Magazine, Winter 2007, Book Review, The Uncomfortable Dead
    Reservoir Magazine, February 2007, Freelance Article
    The Chicago Tribune, Editorial, March 13, 2007

    Presentations and Readings
    • R.U.I.
    • Guest reader at this very popular monthly literary event featuring emerging Chicago authors
    • Chairman, The Belmont/Sheffield Music Fest, 1998 to Present
    Oversaw all aspects of this 23 year old summer street festival, which includes various artist’s performances and readings

    Work History
    • 1988 to Present, Sheffield’s Beer & Wine Garden Inc.
    From part time doorman to owner operator. In 1992 I engineered the successful purchase of the business and real estate from the former owners
    • 1994 to Present, The Silver Cloud Bar & Grill
    Founding partner and operator of a comfort food themed, Chicago neighborhood restaurant
    • 1994 to Present, Independent Real Estate Investor
    Involved with various rehab and renovation projects, focusing on single family properties in Illinois, Michigan, Indiana and Florida

    Professional Associations
    Association of Writers and Writers Programs
    Chairman, Belmont/Sheffield MusicFest
    Vice President, Central Lakeview Merchants Association

  7.   Ric Says:

    Okay, on my resume in the word doc, there are about five million hyper-links, but those didn’t come through when I pasted this here. Obviously I will be able to list those on my web-site, but can I turn this stuff into an active link here?

    Befuddled, technically speaking, in Chicago

  8.   Ric Says:

    Artist’s Statement:

    I am a Chicago based novelist and soon to be Columbia College graduate. Fortunately, I also have a job and, since I’m the boss, that occupation is relatively secure. So then, if that’s the case, why bother writing?
    Like ninety-seven percent of the people who live in Los Angeles, I aspire to a career in the motion picture industry; the difference between them and me is, I can actually write.
    I invite collaboration with the following caveats: I don’t have time to work on your biography, you probably aren’t that interesting anyway. And I don’t do chatty newsletters for the office or those sickening family vacation epistles. Please refer to the initial paragraph. However, if you have an idea for a story that you think might make a good movie, give me a call. If it’s after 5 PM, the odds are I’ll be drunk enough to listen to you.

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