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Post Your Final Web Portfolio Sites HERE by May 11th

Posted by kscott on May 3, 2007

And in the meantime, call me or email me if you need me. For HTML coding, go to: http://w3schools.com/

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Plan for last three weeks

Posted by kscott on April 18, 2007

Ok, folks — here’s the plan for the next two weeks:

Tomorrow, April 19th, MEET IN THE CLASSROOM at 8:30 a.m., at which point I’ll take you to the computer lab (probably 1302 — I asked to have our class there) to continue working on your web portfolio.

Then after a break, we’ll come to the Portfolio Center, where writing and editing professionals Keidra Chaney and Marina Lewis will give you feedback on the writing that you sent in. See the Portfolio Center blog for more details.

On April 26th, we’ll continue working in a computer lab (hopefully 1302 again) and finish up your web portfolios. By May 3rd, all the following should be complete:

  • Your final portfolio should be completed and contain at least five samples of writing (whether published and/or unpublished) – all of which have been edited and polished based on the variety of feedback you’ve received over the last semester
  • You should have excerpts written for each of your portfolio writing pieces (where and whether they are used in your portfolio is beside the point — you should have them handy, if needed)
  • An edited and finalized resume, artists statement (and/or combination of statement and bio)
  • Business cards (which most of you already have); it’s not required that they be printed by end of semester, but do try to get them printed as soon as you can

Your final grades will be mostly based on the final product (the web portfolio), but I will also take into consideration your participation on the blog (and your collaboration with your colleagues), interviews conducted, resources shared, etc.

And then, on May 3rd, Adam Berry (who will have already received your links) will give you final feedback on your web portfolios and be thats-all.jpgavailable for any other technical questions you may have.

And then . . . that’s all folks!

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Web Design Templates (free)

Posted by kscott on April 12, 2007

Hey folks — for those of you needing them (though you’ll get sent the site for the Portfolio Center’s templates, too), here are some websites that I found that offer free web design templates:





If you end up using one of these, then when you’re done, we’ll upload your web pages to your internet site. (so don’t worry about that unless you think you can do it).


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SEND TWO WRITING SAMPLES & Post your websites here

Posted by kscott on April 12, 2007

Hey folks, make sure you send in two pieces of writing to Matthew Green by tomorrow (Friday, 13th) that you’d like to get some feedback on at next week’s  “Writers’ Portfolio Review” event:  

April 19th @ 11am

Critiquing the Written Portfolio

for: Writers (of all kinds)

Writing professionals from a variety of disciplines will visit Columbia to look over writing samples and portfolio-in-progress.  Guests will advise students on organizing and formatting text-oriented portfolios.

* Also, please post your website addresses here, so I can view progress. Between now and next week, just continue working on your websites.


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How to protect your writing

Posted by kscott on April 7, 2007

Ric has graciously offered to share some of the resources he has found regarding copyright and business-related issues that helps you protect your work and your rights as a writer. So be sure to take a look and share anything you might come across, as well.

Don’t forget that next week we will focus solely on web design issues, so bring everything you have (on disk).

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Post-thoughts on Blog Event

Posted by kscott on April 2, 2007

Ric it ended up going in for moderation, but here is your original blog. Thanks!

So here’s a summary of the three bloggers who spoke to us last week.

David Littlejohn, the Columbia grad, runs the blog http://advertisingforpeanuts.blogspot.com/ He talks  about advertising that he finds interesting. Which I don’t. Barbara Iverson runs the http://currentbuzz.org/ site. She talks about the media and current information technology and how it is changing current (and rapidly transforming) information business models. Lots and lots of other links. And then you can link to popurls.com and there are hundreds and thousands of others that you can waste your entire day flicking around.

Ben Tanzer (http://bentanzer.blogspot.com/) is a writer with a web-site/blog that probably applies closest to what we’ve been looking at. As fiction writer’s anyway. And, in a little example of the concept of infinity as viewed through two opposed mirrors, Mr. Tanzer talks about the panel at Columbia and about the sites that I’m refering to here, so you could, enter into an endess loop were you read it here and click on his link and follow that to the other sites and then back here and so on and so on… Maybe that’s what he means when he says that this blog will change your life.

From the above, very random examples, we can infer, quite inaccurately in a statistical sense, that blogspot is the place to go to set up your own new blog. Have at it.


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For March 29th:

Posted by kscott on March 16, 2007

Both events will be held at the Portfolio Center (623 S Wabash, Suite 307) / Students: first — meet me in class at 9:00 a.m.

We’ve got someone from the alumni association coming over to talk briefly with you. We’ll go over some things, then go over to the PC together.

March 29th @ 11am

Blogging and the Writer’s Portfolio

for: Writers (of all kinds)

Local writer / bloggers of all kinds will visit for a discussion about the advantages of using a blog as part of a writer’s portfolio, including tips and best practices for getting a blog rolling.

Guests include Draft|FCB Copywriter (and alum) David Littlejohn, author of Advertising for Peanuts, Journalism Faculty member and author of CurrentBuzz Barbara Iverson, and novelist and freelance writer Ben Tanzer, author of This Blog Will Change Your Life.

This discussion is open to all students and alumni of Columbia College Chicago.
April 5th @ 11am

Pitch & Query: Writing for Hire

for: Writers (looking to get published)

Set your own hours. Get paid to work from home. Write to your hearts content. Sounds good, right? But to be a successful paid freelance writer or novelist, you need to know how to sell your ideas through clear writing – not gimmicks. Join agent Joanna MacKenzie and acquisitions editor Jacque Day discuss the do’s and dont’s of pitch and query letters.

This discussion is open to all students and alumni of Columbia College Chicago.

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Check this out: “Five tools every writer must have”

Posted by kscott on March 15, 2007

From this week’s Reservoir - a short piece that quotes Jotham Burello on various tools needed to succeed as a writer.

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Required: Fill out Student Survey by March 29th

Posted by kscott on March 15, 2007

Please fill one of these out by the end of the month:

Students: Have you been to the portfolio center recently for a portfolio advising appointment? A Show Off portfolio review, class presentation, or to meet with someone to discuss your portfolio? Please help us continue to best serve you by filling out the following Student Survey and enter in an end-of-semester drawing for a free iPod!

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Top Ten Reasons Why Writers Should Blog

Posted by kscott on March 15, 2007

Hey folks — in preparation for the class after spring break, read this article that Matt Green passed along to me.

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